I can overcome my fears caused by terrorist threats to my country.

I am safe where I live because my Creator protects me as a mother cares for her child. My sense of safety comes from within. This is a place no one can harm.

I overcome my fears caused by terrorist threats to my country by nurturing a sense of tranquility from the inside out.

My country is safe because of the heroic efforts of selfless men and women who work hard to protect this nation. I appreciate the efforts of my many protectors, from the tireless police officers patrolling my neighborhood to the brave people in uniform around the world.

My daily routine continues as usual, uninterrupted by the threats of cowards. I am stronger and braver than the people who wish to paralyze me through fear. With courage, I carry on, knowing that communication, not violence, is the only path that leads to peace.

I feel safe in public places and traveling to work by bus, train, or other public transportation. I carry myself with confidence, because to give that up would be to truly be defeated.

I cling to faith, peace, and love as my lifeline in tumultuous times. Whatever fear tries to assault my mind, I can overcome by the power of faith, peace and love.

I have faith that my Creator has a purpose for me greater than any evil plot. Within me, I find peace to continue living a productive and happy life.

Today, I choose to free myself from the paralyzing effects of fear though the power of faith, peace and love. This allows me to live my very best life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

• How have the recent terrorist threats affected me?
• Why is it important to cling to faith during these times?
• What do I believe my purpose is?