I can relinquish control to others.

I like letting others be in charge. It saves me time, energy, and worry while allowing me to happily go about my day, doing my best by controlling only myself!

Even if I have the ultimate responsibility for the outcome of something, I can delegate individual tasks to others. I release the tendency to control any aspect of how the tasks are done, as long as they are completed effectively.

Everyone has their own unique way of doing things and I appreciate our differences. Letting others have control over their own assigned tasks results in better quality work. We work better together when I don’t try to control everything.

This is true both at work and home. At work, my co-workers are more motivated when they know they share control. At home, releasing my control over many of the household tasks to my children allows them to feel needed and learn responsibility.

When I let go of having to control everything, it frees me! A heavy burden is lifted from my shoulders and I am able to go with the flow and just enjoy life!

As I release the need for control, I can feel stress and worry float away with it. I am happier and at peace when I let go.

Today, I choose to let go of any desire to control other people or events, focusing on the joyful simplicity of life when I only need to control myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I find myself always trying to be the one in charge?
2. What tasks can I delegate to others to free up some of my time?
3. Do I allow my children to be in control of their own responsibilities?