I choose relationships that make me happy.

There are very few things I look for in relationships and happiness is the first. My goal is to maintain friendships with those whose words and actions contribute to a positive life. Our bond comes from a good place and is long-lasting.

My friends come from various backgrounds, but all have positivity in common. That chosen way of life attracts me. My energies mesh well with theirs.

I choose friends who are concerned about my well-being. Having sincere people in my corner allows me to feel safe and protected. Their consideration gives me a warm feeling of love. I reciprocate by caring about them as well.

Relationships are more fulfilling when I am able to have meaningful conversations. I like knowing that the other person has an open mind and heart.

I look for relationships with people who allow me to have an opinion. Acceptance of another person’s point of view is a true display of openness. I am happy when I find people who value my perspective as much as their own.

Taking part in like interests with friends adds to my overall happiness.

Today, my relationships with others are based on how happy they make me feel. I commit to overlooking superficial traits in others and focusing on the heart. The inner attributes of a person determines their ability to have and share true happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which of my relationships are questionable in terms of how well they are serving me?
2. How do I contribute to repairing a relationship that is damaged by hurtful words or actions?
3. What are some of the strengths I look for when building new relationships?