I curiously and bravely face the unknown.

When life throws me a curve ball, I stand tall and handle the uncertainty that comes with it. I exercise unbridled bravery about the future.

My doubt is easily replaced by curiosity when I am faced with an unfamiliar situation. I look at newness as a chance to learn more about myself. New situations expose me to the extent of my skill sets.

Moving to a new city gives me a chance to explore. I avoid using my alone time to worry about my isolation. Instead, I use the time to plan my next exploration mission.

That same approach helps me through new relationships. Even when I am unsure of where a relationship is destined, I avoid worrying. I curiously take one day at a time to learn more about the other person. It helps to build closeness and comfort.

At times, my financial situation is uneasy but I rarely dwell in a negative state. Creativity chips in when my back is against the wall.

I steer clear of panic and frustration, and find various ways to bring in additional income to support my needs. When my mind is clear of negativity, I am better able to find solutions.

Today, the uncertainties of life are more of a challenge to me than a concern. I look at them as opportunities to find answers. I am committed to being brave during unfamiliar situations and finding the positive experience in them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to develop courage?
2. How does curiosity help me when I am thrown into sudden uncertainty?
3. When am I most resistant to putting a brave foot forward?