I embrace success.

I ask myself sometimes whether I do everything I can to be successful. I think about all the things I do to invite success into my life. I work hard. I establish networks of supportive people at work and at home. My eyes are open for new opportunities.

If someone offers me a part-time temporary job and I have time for it, I take it. I worry less about how much I am getting paid for a particular job and think more about how the experience of the work could benefit me. I keep my résumé current, adding jobs and projects as I go.

I set small goals and try to meet them quickly so I can continually build momentum. To me, embracing success is not just a challenge; it is exciting, fun, and part of my every-day experience!

Keeping myself open for new accomplishments brings fascinating possibilities into my life. Not knowing what is around the next corner brings uncertainty, but also excitement. My life is beautiful because I am open to opportunity.

Today, I choose to embrace success. I plan to step forward and accept everything that comes my way. I know I can turn most opportunities into successful ventures.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I keep myself open to success?
2. What are my fears about embracing new opportunities that come my way?
3. Is there something I am doing to prevent myself from being successful? How can I be more accepting of success?