I give up the right to criticize.

It is more productive and enjoyable for me to support the things I do, rather than criticize them. I deserve to be encouraged.

I am free of expectations of perfection. I have the occasional missteps, just like everyone else. I embrace my blunders and use them as learning opportunities to enhance myself and guide my future decisions.

I know that my life can only get better as I learn to correct my errors. Criticizing myself is detrimental. Instead, I need to simply recognize my slip-ups and change my approach.

I may make a poor decision, but then I let it go. I develop strategies to avoid repeating the same behavior.

Self-criticism is just a habit, and I am moving in a new direction. I am developing new habits that are more supportive. The habits of self-love and self-development serve me better. I am my own greatest fan and supporter. I love and support myself.

I also give up the right to criticize others. I know criticism harms others just as much as it harms me. I want others to know they can depend on me to be positive, loving, and supportive, rather than critical.

Today, I give up the right to criticize others and myself. I am remaining positive and feeling grateful for everything in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What negative effects result from self-criticism?
2. What could I do instead of thinking negatively about myself?
3. How can I let go of criticizing myself today?