I have a healthy relationship with spending.

I keep an organized spending log to see how I use my money. I analyze my statements to track my habits. I set a realistic budget based on my spending needs and regular income.

I know how to spend wisely at stores and online retailers. I look for the best deals to fit my needs and only spend the amount I can afford.

I avoid shopping to fill emotional voids.

Sales fail to tempt me to go over my budget. I know which items are necessities and which ones are luxuries. I pick wisely between them. My budget remains on track because I know how to tell them apart.

I enjoy being in control of my money. I avoid debt. Instead of having to pay on debts each month, I get to choose what I do with my money.

I include money in my budget for saving and investing. I know how important savings goals are to my financial security and future. I honor these goals. I pay myself first and plan my spending accordingly.

Today, I intend to look over my budget. I like to keep my budget flexible while supporting my spending and savings goals, and I tweak it every so often to see what works best for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my spending habits helping or hurting me?
2. How can I design a budget that works well for me?
3. How can I help my family develop healthy spending habits?