I have the peace of mind needed to adapt to unexpected situations.

I embrace the day that stands before me each morning. I know that unexpected situations may come my way, but I remain ready for them.

My mind is prepared for anything life throws at me because I focus on maintaining inner peace. I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at ease. I know that each day only requires that I give my best, and I stick to doing that consistently.

When an urgent, unexpected project lands on my lap at work, I get over the initial agitation quickly and focus on completing it.

I am aware that challenging things only come my way because I am equipped to handle them. The confidence that others have in me serves to drive my effort. I avoid doubting myself and allowing worry to cause me to fumble.

Even in unfavorable circumstances, I am accepting of things as they are. I know I am able to overcome the disappointment, hurt, and anger that occupy my heart and soul.

I can stand tall after calamities and keep walking. Challenges placed in my life are designed to strengthen me instead of destroy me. I figure out the lesson behind each experience.

Today, I welcome unexpected situations. They give me the chance to prove myself capable of rising to the challenge. My peaceful nature helps me to develop the wisdom needed to conquer the tough surprises in life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I restore my peace of mind when I become rattled by a painful experience?
2. Who are some of the people I look to for encouragement?
3. In which situations do I think I need to be more adaptable than I am now?