I have the power to reach my goals.

I know what I want to accomplish in my life and I have the ability to do it. I have a plan to reach my goals and each day I get a little closer to achieving them.

I awake each day with renewed strength and determination. I refuse to be side-tracked or discouraged. Regardless of what happens, I am confident that my goals can be achieved.

The universe acknowledges that my goals are worthwhile. Everywhere I turn I encounter others who share my beliefs and work to help me achieve my goals.

My goals are pure and bring blessings to myself and others as I work to obtain them. My life is as much about the journey to achieve my goals as it is about the goals themselves.

Even when challenges, setbacks, or hardships occur, I am resilient and I keep working towards the fulfillment of my goals.

I have the power to achieve any goal that I set for myself.

Today, I am taking the steps that are necessary to reach my goals. Each day, the path to accomplishing my goals becomes easier and I am filled with excitement and energy as I taste the sweetness of success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What steps can I take to eliminate distractions from my goals?
2. Who can I call upon to help me achieve my goals?
3. What steps do I need to take each day to draw closer to my goals?