I have unlimited creativity, drive, and motivation.

Creativity and motivation are important to achieving success in any area of life. By enhancing these qualities, I am able to fully enjoy all that the world has to offer.

I am grateful for my high level of creativity. I am able to rapidly find elegant solutions to any predicament. When faced with an issue that requires resolution, I can rely on my creativity to reveal the optimal path. I have confidence that this path will provide the results I desire.

I make time to enhance and strengthen my creativity. Like a muscle, creativity requires a regular workout to stay strong and flexible. This work is paid back over and over again.

My drive and motivation maintain my focus. They are invaluable for all of life’s challenges. I am able to stay focused, regardless of the obstacles in my way. I rely on these attributes daily.

My motivation is created from within. I avoid being motivated by the need to impress others or to accumulate unnecessary possessions. I am motivated by the thought of living a satisfying and complete life.

I strive to enhance my success to support and inspire my friends and family.

Today, my creativity, drive, and motivation are unlimited. I can rely on these attributes to successfully achieve any goal. I am blessed for having such vast capabilities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I been especially creative?
2. How can I increase my level of creativity?
3. If I had been more driven and motivated over the course of my life, what would it look like now?