I invest wisely.

I make intelligent decisions about my investments. I understand how the markets work, so I take advantage of effective ways to grow my money.

My portfolio is filled with wise choices that continue to grow and prosper.

My investment decisions are based on accurate information and research. I use the right data to determine if a possible investment might work well for me. I maintain a smart mix of different investments for diversity.

I am financially independent and strong, thanks to my wise choices.

I budget my money carefully so I can put aside funds for investments. I make regular contributions to my portfolio. My contributions are sustainable and smart.

I am a disciplined investor. Rather than making changes to my portfolio out of panic, or to go along with a popular trend, I diligently check the data. I consider the facts to reach my conclusions.

I am patient with my investments. I know that the market regularly rises and falls in the short term, so I am invested for the long term. Time makes all the difference!

Today, I intend to research some new investments. I know that taking my time to find reliable data provides me with the knowledge to make a wise decision.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Where can I learn about researching investments?
2. What is my plan for putting aside some of my income for investments?
3. What can I do to make more of my money available for investments?