I keep my cool when drama erupts.

I attempt to keep my life as drama-free as possible. I am aware of the words and tone I use with others. I also listen when others are upset and sometimes exit situations before they get out of hand. These methods help me avoid drama.

However, sometimes others seem agitated or unhappy, regardless of my careful reactions. I realize that outside sources may have caused negative feelings, which can lead to drama.

Despite the cause of the drama, I remain focused on my goal to keep my cool and help resolve the situation in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Staying calm and out of the fray takes careful thought and tact. Rather than add fuel to the fire, I remind myself to remain quiet when conversations appear to be getting out of control.

When I begin to feel affected by the negativity around me, I prompt myself to take a step back until I am ready to share my feelings about the situation.

I try to set an example of how to avoid becoming involved in drama and chaos. I manage my feelings and reactions well when tempers flare.

Today, I keep my cool in difficult circumstances. I know I can remain quiet when a debate begins and take the time to consider the options in a challenging situation. Staying calm brings more clarity and peace to me and everyone involved.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I react when drama starts to develop around me?
2. When was the last time I kept my cool in a tough situation?
3. What is one way I can remain calm when drama erupts?