I let bygones be bygones.

I believe the past should stay in the past. I look upon every event, whether positive or negative, as experiences to learn from. It is important that I move on and concentrate on things in the here and now or plans for what is to come.
I seldom spend time reliving the emotions of a moment in the past, especially if the outcome is unfavorable. I use my cherished memories of good times to move forward with love, hope, and happiness.
I believe that if I am unable to change something, I should leave it alone and move on. Whatever happened to cause a challenging circumstance is in the past now and my mission is to figure out how to best move forward.
When someone offends me, I sometimes feel hurt. I believe the person should apologize for offending me, but I avoid remaining in a state of expectation for that apology. Wrongdoers are already forgiven in my eyes as I move forward.
Today, I acknowledge that dwelling on past situations can only serve to weigh me down and prevent me from successfully conquering the present and future. I commit to truly forgiving so I can move on and thrive.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I think I might be living in the past? Is it difficult for me to just let things go?
2. Am I being fair to myself when I forgive someone who doesn’t apologize?
3. How can I adopt an attitude of letting bygones be bygones so I can move forward without taking the burdens of the past with me?