I let go of hurt.

Life is filled with experiences that lead me to feel all kinds of emotions. I embrace feelings that generate optimism. Emotions like happiness, contentment, joy, and curiosity renew my soul. Yet there are emotions on the other end of the spectrum that I also feel, like hurt.
When less-than-positive emotions arise, I make an effort to label what I am feeling and why. Connecting with my hurt helps me to figure out what situation triggered those emotions.
So, when emotional pain envelops me, I first reflect on it. Where did the hurt come from? I endeavor to solve this mystery. However, regardless of the reasons for my emotional experiences, I strive to properly express, manage and release this pain.
Although I contemplate the experience, I also recognize when it is time to say “farewell” to those twangs of emotional hurt. Sometimes, I say to myself, “Let it go, let it go.”
In order to live a clean, uncluttered emotional life, I learn to release my pain.

I imagine the hurt as a big red balloon filled to near bursting. I visualize myself holding the scarlet balloon. Then, I use visual imagery to release the balloon full of pain into the vast turquoise sky, to be carried far away from me.
Today, I choose to recognize my limitless capacity to let go of hurt. I plan to focus my efforts on releasing my pain to experience the peace and serenity that I deserve.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. In what situations am I most challenged when it comes to letting go of my hurt?
2. Am I aware of when it is time to release myself from my emotional pain?
3. How do I “celebrate” letting go of hurt?