I let go of my fear about food recalls.

My family’s safety is one of my top priorities. I take pride in taking care of my family and protecting them from harm. I guard my family like an eagle guards its nest.

When I prepare food for my family, I do everything I can to ensure it is nutritious and safe to consume. I rinse out all fruits and vegetables before serving them to my family to remove any pesticides that may be on the surface.

I am diligent in following basic safety guidelines of food handling. I constantly wash my hands while preparing foods in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

When dealing with meats, I make sure to follow the proper procedures to prevent my food from becoming a danger. I do everything in my power to prepare and serve safe food to my family.

I reject any fear that tries to creep into my mind due to the recent food recalls. I refuse to allow myself to be afraid about things beyond my control. Instead of living in fear, I enjoy my food free from worry.

I release myself from worry about the next food recall. I acknowledge there is a limit to how much I can protect my family but, where my ability to care for them ends, my faith begins.

Today, I choose to enjoy the food I eat. I choose to live my life full of hope; absent from worry. I do what I can to prepare safe meals for my family and I shut out the voice of fear.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I follow basic food safety when preparing meals for my family?
2. Why is it necessary to acknowledge my limitations in order to ignite my faith?
3. Am I able to enjoy my food without worry?