I let go of my past and bravely embrace the future with a smile.

The past is only a memory. Therefore, it has little effect on my present. My past does not decide my future! I am the only person who can decide what my reality is five years from today.

I hold my memories dearly. However, they have no impact on how I live my life today. There comes a point in time where memories begin to lose their hold on people. I believe I am at that point today.

My choices today directly affect my reality. For this reason, the strides I take from this day forward are the only ones I deem to be important. The steps that I am taking are paving the road for a bright, fruitful, and most importantly, happy future.

I choose to learn from the mistakes of my past, but I still leave them in the past and avoid referring to them. Letting go of my past is simple because I choose to live in the present moment and plan for the bright future I deserve.

I look at my mistakes as learning experiences and stepping stones in the right direction. If I continue adding a positive direction and putting one foot in front of the other, I know that my success is guaranteed.

Today, I experience a renewed energy that comes from a new perspective. I embrace the mistakes of my past by learning from them and moving forward into the direction of my dreams. My success is assured because I live a life focused on moving forward instead of being held back by my past.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I leave my past behind?
2. What is it that I want from life?
3. Can I take steps towards those goals starting this very day?