I live my life according to my values.

The way I chose to live my life is in line with my values. In this way, I am true to myself.

My values provide guidance and comfort in the decisions I make each day. My decisions are a clear extension of my values.

Through life’s many challenges, I am able to live according to my values even when it might seem easier to stray. I can always find the strength to stand up for what I believe, regardless of the consequences. And when I do, that makes it easier to make the tough decision the next time.

I engage in self-reflection on a daily basis. During my self-reflection time, I become ever more aware of my thoughts and habits. This time also allows me to reflect on those times I have strayed from my values. My reflection time is very important to me and is of great benefit.

I find myself free of concern regarding the opinions of others. This freedom makes it even easier to live according to my life values. I can sense that others are quietly impressed with my courage and personal strength.

When I make a mistake, I quickly mend the situation and move on, free of guilt and anxiety. I know that next time I can do better. I understand that all human beings make mistakes and I am no different.

Today, I know I can have a wonderful day while living true to my values. My plan is to be a living example of my values through my words and my deeds.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my values?
2. Do my actions match my beliefs?
3. How does my self-reflection time benefit me?