I maintain humility through all my achievements.

I remind myself each day that achievements are fleeting in the minds of onlookers. I wrap up each success with the resolve to take on the next challenge. I avoid using my accomplishments to elevate my status and popularity.

Humility is the key to being respected and appreciated. Even though I am proud of my accomplishments, I am careful to tone down my external excitement.

Overt celebration of a victory sometimes offends others. I prefer to allow others to acknowledge my achievements in their own way. I believe that forcing my victory on them leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

My humility allows me to focus on each task in front of me. I avoid allowing puffed up pride to cloud my senses and throw me off my game.

When I am victorious over a co-worker for a promotion, I express my excitement in my own space. I am turned off by showboating, and I know others probably feel the same.

I humbly congratulate my opponent on a match well fought. I take the time to highlight their strengths and offer a compliment. I want them to know that I value their presence and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Today, I know that humility makes each victory sweeter than the last. I love allowing my positive actions to speak louder than my words. I am committed to maintaining a humble approach to victories.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what types of situations am I comfortable with openly expressing my excitement?
2. What subtle gestures can I use to encourage someone to be less showy about their achievements?
3. How do I respond when I realize someone is offended by my victory?