I make time to listen to the thoughts of the less privileged.

There is benefit to be gained from listening to the thoughts of the less privileged. Their explanations and expressions remind me that life is bigger than the things I acquire.

People with less financial resources show me how to be satisfied. Their way of life dictates that I examine the excess in my life. I become more introspective and less dissatisfied with unfavorable outcomes.

I realize that even when I feel like I am lacking, I have enough.

My conversations with less educated people than me are often profound and telling. They show me that being less qualified is far from an excuse to fail.

Less privileged people show me that the beginning very rarely needs to dictate the end. Life is what I make it.

The influence from others inspires me to do the best with what I have. Complaining is hardly ever an option when I have something to work with. I take my mind away from how much I have and focus on what I am able to do with it.

Today, I am blessed by the interactions I have with others who are less fortunate. My life is richer and more meaningful because I am conscious of what really matters. The simple things give me peace of mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways can I help the less privileged to improve their circumstances?
2. What areas in my life can I be more introspective about?
3. What impact does interacting with the less privileged have on my desire to be more charitable?