I offer spiritual guidance to others so they can experience peace.

I believe that I have the responsibility to help others live a peaceful life. I consciously contribute to my own serenity, and I share my experience with others so they can experience unparalleled peace, too.

My spirituality gives me a calmness that takes me through the roughest patches in life.

When someone I care about is facing emotional turmoil, I offer a supportive shoulder to lean on and a helping hand.

I gently encourage them to develop a personal relationship with whatever spiritual being they believe in. I use my own experiences to show how relying on that relationship is a sure way to achieve peace.

When others feel like they are being conquered by the immensity of negative situations facing them, I do what I can to help ease the burden.

I am aware that not everyone believes in spirituality, so I call on my own spirituality for the support they need. I believe that I can connect with my Creator and ask for help for those in need.

Today, I am passionate about my spirituality and its ability to help others heal.

I commit to using my spirituality to help others experience true peace. I am happy to encourage others to try and achieve inner peace through their own spiritual lives.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I invite my friends and family members to learn more about my spiritual life?
2. What are some more avenues I can use to help others achieve tranquility through spirituality?
3. How can I strengthen my own spirituality?