I open myself to experience all feelings.

I allow myself to remain open to all feelings, the good and the bad. I know that both positive and negative feelings have their place in my life. By remaining open to both sides, I can stay balanced emotionally.

I know that when I open myself up to experience all feelings I may feel some negative ones. Whatever goes up must come down; when there is good, there is also bad. It is the world’s way of keeping a balance. Yet in my life, good far outweighs the bad.

While I accept that I may have feelings like grief, sadness, anger, or regret, I also enjoy the many positive feelings of joy, peace, confidence, and happiness.

I will not allow the negative feelings to build a wall and block out all emotion. I know that it is far more rewarding to feel things.

Today I will gladly experience all my feelings. When bad things happen, I accept the emotions and deal with them confidently. I do the same when I have positive feelings.

By remaining open and accepting my emotions, I can deal with them in a healthy way. This helps me to remain open and honest with myself and others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some good aspects of experiencing negative emotions?
2. What are the feelings I most enjoy?
3. Why is it good for me to be open to all feelings, good and bad?