I overcome stressful situations with a calm spirit.

In all situations, I rely on my calmness and peace of mind to help me overcome. Later, in moments of tranquility, I look inwardly at the effects of stress. Observing them, I renew my determination to take a step back whenever they occur.
When I feel my chest start to tighten, I recognize the experience as a manifestation of stress. In times like these, I rely on my calm spirit to ease my tension and allow me to breathe normally again.
I tell myself that no circumstance is worth such a reaction. I am convinced that stress is destructive towards the mind, body and soul. Feeling the effects of stress means I am off track. So instead, I let the experience remind me to slow down and breathe.
I acknowledge that taxing and worrying circumstances are a part of life. I recognize that the word, “stress,” exists because the experience is common. However, I accept that neutralizing stress is more rewarding that allowing it to consume me.
My natural peace of mind, confidence and motivation are much more fulfilling than the feeling of stress, and they take me where I want to go. I naturally evoke those states of being when I make the conscious decision to let stress fall by the wayside.

Today, I refuse to allow stress to take over. Instead, I commit to allowing calmness and composure to reign supreme. When I am stress-free, I am peaceful and focused. My goals are within easy reach when tension is absent from my life.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. In what ways do I overcome stressful situations?
2. Do I accomplish more when I banish stress from my being?
3. Can stress fuel my desire to succeed, or is it counter-productive?