I put on my calm hat when I evaluate sticky situations.

To fully recognize and analyze a situation I need to remain calm and gather my serenity.

When life throws me little trials along the way, I am able to remain calm and enjoy the peace that is mine. Using specific tools that teach me to be calm allows me to let go of the need to panic or fall apart in difficult situations. Calm is something I can choose to be. I am strong enough to build up my stores of serenity for surprise situations.

I have a special tank within me. I can choose to fill this tank and keep it filled or I can choose to let it become empty. This special tank is my serenity tank and when it is full I can enjoy calmness in any situation. I can draw from my serenity tank when I need it.

I fill my tank with positive energy from daily relaxation and meditation and by maintaining a healthy body and mind.

If I neglect my physical and emotional needs, allow negative energy into my life, or become too stressed, I deplete my serenity tank.

Today, I will add to my serenity tank for the times that I may need to draw from it. I will release stress that builds up in my day. I will exercise, eat healthy foods, and fill my day with positive energy. When a sticky situation arises I will draw from my serenity tank and put on my hat of calmness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is there calmness in my heart?
2. How have I added to my serenity tank today?
3. Have I set myself up for success if there is a sticky situation?