I release anger from my soul.

I approach decisions with a calm demeanor and a peaceful attitude. I live in a positive mindset that assumes success. Even when I experience frustration, I handle each situation with grace and poise.

Those I love experience a refreshing peace in the storms of life because I respond calmly and effectively to them.

I have power over anger. I quickly subdue feelings of rage and replace them with relaxation. I focus on solutions rather than problems.

Every day, I am learning more and more about who I am and about my abilities. Instead of feeling helpless and frustrated when things are less than the best, I enlist help and create a support system to get the job done.

I deal with negative emotions quickly and decisively. I learn the lessons the negative emotions bring and I quickly discard it in favor of more productive thinking.

Life is too beautiful to remain angry for very long. I savor every moment of my life. I effortlessly release anger from my soul and replace it with inner peace.

My emotions are a powerful tool that I use to affect my situation for the better. I am content, yet I happily strive to reach the goals that I set for myself. I accept challenges as opportunities to grow and learn.

I choose to live in a spirit of power and joy rather than frustration.

Today, I choose to think positively and productively about every situation. My mindset is free from all inhibitions and rage. I live freely and blissfully.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I learn to think more productively in stressful situations?
2. How can I remind myself to relax and focus on solutions instead of problems?
3. What are some effective ways to relax when I feel stressed or angry?