I release any need to judge others or myself.

I am free of the need to judge other people. I have my own life to occupy my attention and I allow others to live a life free of my opinions. Everyone is free to make their own choices.
I know that others around me have issues of which I am unaware, so I give them the benefit of the doubt while still protecting myself. I am trusting in an intelligent and wise way. People have my support and encouragement. I have many friends because I am kind and accepting.
Though it can be difficult, I am also free from self-judgment. I realize that perfection is an illusion. I strive for perfection, but am fully satisfied with less.
I always use my results as a stepping-stone to move forward.
I welcome less than perfect results because that is how I learn. Mistakes can be a great thing. I learn from my mistakes and encourage others to do the same.
Judging myself also creates challenges that make my life more difficult. I am a good and capable person and know I can do amazing things. I release any need to judge myself.
I put myself into a more advantageous mindset by being free of self-judgment.
Today, I am accepting of others. I appreciate the flaws I see in others and in myself. I use my mistakes as a learning tool and apply that learning to better my life. I release any need to judge others and myself.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What do I lose by judging myself?
2. What would I gain by not judging others or myself?
3. How can I be less judgmental?