I release myself from my anger and let go of the past.

I am leaving my past behind. I am only concerning myself with today and the future because my future is so inviting and full of possibilities. The more I focus on the future, the easier it is to release my past.
I am free of anger and doubt as I start down a new path. The past only exists in my mind and thoughts. I have control over both. By releasing the past, I free myself to enjoy my future.
By focusing on today and tomorrow, my past is unable to influence the choices I make today.
The things I choose to focus on affect the quality of my life. My life and the lives of those around me get better when I release the past.
Forgiveness is strength. By forgiving those who have wronged me in the past, I open myself up to greater possibilities and opportunities in the future.
My past only influences my present if I permit it. I am free of the past and I am free of my anger. I choose to live in the now, where all things are possible.
Today, I am free of anger. I choose to feel gratitude for my blessings and look forward to a bright future. I rise above my previous thoughts and habits. I let go of the past and raise my expectations for the future.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How does focusing on my past affect my present?
2. Am I willing to let go of my anger and start living again?
3. What are some things I need to let go of?