I reserve quiet times for coming to terms with my emotions.

I give myself the alone time I need to process my thoughts. Every thought I have comes with its own flurry of emotions. It is in these quiet times that I am honest with myself. I come to terms with my emotions when I meet them head on.
Every day comes with different experiences. I react in a unique way to each experience.
There are times when I am unable to express my feelings openly, but I maintain enough composure to carry on through the day.
When I am at home or in another quiet space, I relive the feelings of each moment. I allow myself to take hold of all the emotions. Joy, anger, sadness and excitement are some of the emotions I examine on a regular basis.
Doing this allows me to have a clear mind, sleep peacefully at night, and become a more rounded person.
I am proud of my ability to emote. I am happy when I can relive moments that pull at every heartstring.
Today, I acknowledge the importance of allowing myself to have quiet time. I know that this is when I am most sincere and honest with myself. I continue to embrace all the emotions I experience because doing so builds a healthy individual.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me and cause a negative outcome?
2. How can I get a better handle on my emotions?
3. Is it helpful if I meditate during my quiet time?