I stand up for my beliefs.

My convictions guide my choices. Being true to my beliefs is more important than being comfortable or popular.

While my beliefs are stable, my mind is flexible.

I examine my intentions and assumptions. Analyzing the consequences of my actions clarifies my beliefs. I think about the results of my choices. I make certain that my purpose is to help myself and others. I can describe why my actions are correct and moral. I require sound reasoning.

My beliefs are grounded in my spiritual faith. I am committed to love and compassion.

I realize the importance of being humble and accepting my limitations. My opinions may change when I encounter additional facts. Challenging circumstances may lead me to apply my beliefs in new ways. As I grow older, my values evolve according to my experiences.

I welcome input from others. I respect their viewpoints even when we disagree. I focus on sharing knowledge and insights, so that we can all make wise decisions. I want the best for others, regardless of whether our beliefs clash or coincide.

Sticking to my beliefs sometimes tests my courage, but the benefits are worth it. I live a more authentic life, and feel at peace with myself. My confidence grows. By taking risks, I strengthen my beliefs and give others the opportunity to do the same.

Today, I stand firm in my beliefs. I align my actions with my values.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my core values?
2. How do my actions express my beliefs?
3. In what ways can I encourage myself to act on my beliefs when others disagree with me?