I stand up for myself when others try to tear me down.

I understand that there is a distinct difference between being nice to others and being a push over. For this reason, when I personally feel offended by others’ comments and feel as if their comments are mean spirited, I stand up for myself.

I am the type of person that likes to avoid conflict and I generally tend to agree with others simply for the sake of avoiding an uncomfortable situation. Though many people may not be fond of these personality traits, I find them to work just fine for me.

However, my efforts to avoid conflict are halted when others deliberately try to tear me down. I have a right to stand up for myself and I make it a point to set others in line when they say something that hurts my feelings.

Yes, I like to live in harmony. But when I choose to allow others to walk all over me, I pay the price emotionally later on. Therefore, I choose to protect myself by standing up for myself. When someone attacks my competence or negatively affect my emotions, I choose to say something.

I am proud to speak my mind when necessary. And, since I do, the instances where others intentionally try to tear me down are few and far between.

Today, I am my own best friend. I am firm when I stand my ground and try to be diplomatic with my approach. Nevertheless, I am an adult and I am entitled to defend myself. The responsibility for how I feel and how I respond is mine.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I told my friends and family how their comments make me feel?
2. Do I tend to read too much into simple statements that have no underlying meaning?
3. Do I have the strength to eliminate toxic friendships from my life?