I strive for excellence in the face of criticism.

When confronted with criticism, I persevere and become greater. I believe that all critique plays a huge part in molding me. Instead of getting offended by it, I use the feedback to give me energy to make a more positive impression the second time around.
I acknowledge that much criticism given to me is warranted and just. I know that most people only want the best for me. I view their assessments as honest assistance through which I can improve.
I also know that there are some critics whose only mission is to try and bring me down. But instead of letting naysayers make me smaller with their critiques, I turn their words into motivation.
Negativity towards me can be handled in two ways. I can either allow it to force me to give up, or I can use it as fuel to keep striving for excellence. I choose to turn the bad into good, and use criticism as a stepping stone to achieving more than ever before.
When I feel the breadth of my chest expand with excitement, I know I have achieved excellence. When my smiles originate from a place much deeper than my face, I am confident that I am seeing my own successes. Because of these experiences, I am able to realize that others’ negative words can only help me, never harm me.
Today, I commit to using criticism constructively. I employ it to either affirm my excellent output or help me return to the drawing board and produce something even greater. I know in my heart when I have done something well, and no doubter can steal that from me.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How do I feel when unwarranted criticism comes my way?
2. How much importance do I place on criticism, whether constructive or destructive?
3. Do I react with grace when I am confronted by critics?