I take time to listen to others.

I listen to others, not only because I care about them, but also because I know that it is in my own best interests to do so.

I still have much left to learn about life. I have learned much already and will continue to do so through my experiences. When I open myself up to the thoughts and instruction of those who have more life experiences than I do, I equip myself with greater knowledge and understanding than I would have been able to attain on my own.

By listening to others, I protect myself from possible pitfalls. Sometimes other people’s pasts give them a valuable perspective on my life. They can alert me to dangers or dead-ends that I may not be able to see. I remain open to their advice, knowing that those who love me speak out of a desire for my own good.

I also believe in community. I am confident that we are all better off if we have a firm base to fall back on. And such a base takes time, effort and compassion to create.

We all have our ups and downs. While I may feel self-sufficient and content with my life right now, my life may be different next week, next month or next year. So I take time to listen to others, knowing that I can also expect compassion and support if I have taken the time to give it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I listen openly to others?
2. Do I take time to listen to others so they will listen to me when I need them?
3. How has an active approach to listening helped me in the past?