I think before I act.

I know that the effort I put forth reflects in my behavior, and excellent efforts result in more benefits for both me and others. I also understand that I receive from the universe what I put out into it. For these reasons, I think before I act.
I count down from ten before I decide to respond.
Making decisions in the heat of a moment breeds mistaken word choices and hurt feelings. Having made this choice before, I now choose to take the time to decide what is wise to say and do after a short moment of reflection.
Daily reflection is a characteristic of individuals who cherish their own reputation as well as the feelings of the people with whom they interact. I choose to reflect on my words and actions.
I want to obtain kindness and gentle words from those around me. Thus, I am determined to give that same positivity to others.
I am making a concentrated effort to maintain a good rapport with everyone I interact with. I am aware of how my actions affect others. I respect and cherish my relationships and wish to maintain positive interactions with everyone around me.
Today, I am making an effort to enhance aspects of my life to benefit me and those around me. One of these aspects is taking the time to think before I act.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Who do I interact with on a daily basis? Do I make a point to have positive interactions with them?
2. How can I express respect and gratitude toward others?
3. Did I reflect on my actions today?