I use rainy days to improve my spirituality and connect to the Universe.

Rain washes everything clean, and I use that understanding to cleanse my inner self. I see rain as healthy and renewing.

Rain is always welcome, and never a hindrance. When it rains, I am reminded that I must take time to renew everything and make it clean and fresh again, just as the earth does.

I can relax and connect with who I really am on the inside when it’s raining. The rain cleanses me, and I slow down and renew my connection to the Universe when water falls gently from the sky. I am reminded that all life needs nourishment and renewal in order to continue. I am no different, and I require the same things.

The renewal of my spirit is a beautiful thing. The rain reminds me of that beauty, and of how connected the world really is. The water that falls on me today may have once come from an ocean thousands of miles from where I live. The interconnectedness of it all is important. I see the cyclical nature of life in the falling rain.

Because I appreciate the rain and become more spiritual when it occurs, I am able to pass that appreciation and joy on to others. Others like me because they see my peace and joy. They want that for themselves, and I freely give my love and light out to the world for others to enjoy and draw peace from, whether it’s raining or not.

Today, the rain enables me to focus on my spiritual goals and my connection to the Universe.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I become more connected to my spiritual side?
2. What can I do to bring my rainy-day spiritual feeling to every day?
3. How can I use my spiritual joy to be helpful to others?