I value wise counseling.

Wise words in times of confusion enable me to stay grounded like the anchor on a ship. Instead of being swayed by every wind that comes my way, I seek the advice of experienced people who genuinely care about me.

Seeking wisdom keeps me from wandering in the vast ocean of opportunities. I listen to my trusted advisers and consider their advice. I use their ideas as a springboard for forming my own conclusions.

Heeding the words of the wise prevent me from unnecessary pitfalls. Life is too short to learn every lesson from personal experiences. I save myself time and heartache when I learn from the experiences of others.

Counseling helps me approach life changes free from fear. I ask for counseling for a variety of situations. From personal to career-related, it does me good to listen to the ideas of others.

When I am deeply involved in a situation and my emotions are high, it can be challenging to think objectively. That is why I ask for wise counsel from those around me whom I can trust.

Listening to another person’s point of view helps me evaluate options I may have missed. I receive clarity of mind when I accept the observations of others.

I have the right and responsibility to seek out advice from wise people. In the end, though, I must choose for myself the path I will take.

Today, I chose to seek out wise counsel. I appreciate those who love me enough to tell me things I need to hear, even if I would rather not hear them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I sought advice?
2. Who can I turn to for wise counsel?
3. Why is it important to evaluate various points of view before making a final decision?