I walk away from confrontation to maintain a peaceful environment.

I realize that in today’s world, my decision to walk away from confrontation could be viewed more as weakness than strength. But I know that it takes strong character to avoid being consumed by the emotions that cause confrontations to escalate.
Each day, I try to maintain a peaceful environment at work, in my home, and out in public. I know that the stresses of life can easily push people to give in to their negative emotions, leading to an undesirable altercation. I do what I can to prevent that from happening by walking away from situations which could become confrontational.
I am able to give my point of view without engaging in unhealthy discourse. My decision to walk away is a stronger statement than my decision to stay and argue. Heightened negative emotions usually result in an undesirable outcome.
When I witness a heated argument between two people, I do what I can to encourage one or both of them to walk away.
Today, I stand firm in my belief that a peaceful world is a healthier and more successful world. We can get much more done when we agree to work together instead of against each other. I commit to spending my time sharing this belief.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Are there times when my efforts to create peace are completely disregarded?
2. What efforts do I make at home to encourage open communication among family members?
3. Is it sometimes difficult for me to walk away from confrontation?