It makes me happy to serve the needs of others.

I love the responsibility of being my brother’s keeper. It gives me so much joy to assist someone who is in need. It makes me happy to see a smiling face when a dark situation becomes bright.

My focus is on those whose circumstances are more difficult than my own. I look out for those who are financially handicapped.

When I am unable to give money, I offer support and other material things. Poorer people deserve my help and the chance to live comfortably. Helping them allows me to treat others in the same way I like to be treated.

Sometimes my friends and family need emotional support. I am happy to provide the shoulder for them to lean on.

My encouragement, advice, and physical presence give my loved ones the strength to overcome their challenges. I know that they are just as willing to lift me up as I am to help them through rough times.

Even my co-workers have needs. I look out for those whose performance on the job needs improvement and help teach them skills for greater job success.

When my employers reach out to me for special assignments, I am willing to assist. I embrace the success of the organization as part of my responsibility.

Today, I continue to look for ways to serve others. It makes me happy when I can make someone else’s life better. I commit to being a positive example to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I serve those around me?
2. How do I feel when I notice people mistreating the less fortunate?
3. How do I feel when others ignore my need for help?