Love lets me make a fresh start.

Love makes all things possible. By changing the way I think, I can always head in a new direction. A fresh beginning is within my grasp.
I embrace my past and let it become a resource that I can work with rather than baggage that holds me back. Every memory is a valuable lesson on how to live a more loving and meaningful life.
Examining my actions shows me talents I can build upon and areas I want to strengthen, all of which I feel confident I can do as long as I have love to see me through.
I appreciate the love and kindness shown to me by others. I celebrate their good qualities and rejoice in their good fortune.
I respond promptly to conflicts in order to prevent damage to my relationships. By forgiving with a loving heart, I promote healing and reconciliation.
By loving myself, I am provided with a strong foundation for all my efforts. I believe in the value of my life. I know I deserve love and happiness.
Love and its daily promise of new beginnings make me feel exhilarated. I welcome each day. This sense of hope endows me with great joy.
Today, I dedicate myself to recognizing the power of love and welcoming it into my heart. With courage and skill, I use it to transform my relationships and experiences into all that they can be.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What are the areas in my life where I want to make a fresh start?
2. How does a loving heart make me more courageous?
3. How do I express my love for myself and use it to transform my life?