Making wise decisions is easy for me.

Each day I make wise decisions that bring me closer and closer to my dreams. I find it easy to make a positive decision, regardless of the subject matter or circumstances.

I make decisions that support where I am and where I want to go. Wise decisions become obvious to me because I am aware of my goals and values. When I find myself indecisive, I remember what is most important to me and allow those priorities to guide my decision process.

When I have a difficult decision, I meditate or pray. I find that the best option is revealed very quickly. I smile when this happens and feel a sense of gratitude. The best decision is always obvious if I allow myself to see it.

I celebrate each good decision that I make. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes from making decisions easily.

Others seek out my advice when they have a difficult decision to make and I enjoy sharing my decision-making process with them.

Today, I find the most positive options for my decisions quickly and easily. Making such decisions is natural for me, and I am great at it. My life improves every day because of my wise decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some examples of great decisions that I make easily?
2. What decisions have I been avoiding?
3. What is stopping me from making that decision today? How can I get around that hindrance and choose my wisest option?