My choices are based on achieving personal happiness.

My personal happiness is my ultimate goal in life. I believe that when I am happy, I can accomplish anything I set my sights on.

My decisions always include considering the things that bring me joy. From time to time, I get distracted from that mission. But I quickly refocus, regardless of all the noise around me.

I am happiest when I am healthy and have love in my life. I choose to exercise regularly so my body stays in shape. I surround myself with people who show me love.

I choose relationships that provide me with healthy companionship. I enjoy positive conversations and interactions. I focus on being good to those who are important to me. I treasure their love and avoid doing anything to lose it. My friends and family are my foundation. I feel surrounded by walls of happiness.

When I am content with life, it is difficult for anything to disturb that contentment.

I know that when I am happy, wonderful opportunities come my way. Exploring new prospects contributes to my overall peace of mind.

Today, I find it easy to make decisions if I focus on achieving personal happiness. I commit to thinking things through. I want to evaluate both sides of every situation before coming to a conclusion that makes me happy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways can I remain happy when a personal relationship is broken?
2. How does helping others contribute to my own happiness, too?
3. When have feelings of disappointment put me in an unhappy state?