My empathy brings comfort to others.

My relationships with others are more effective because I am empathetic. Others feel drawn to me when they need a shoulder to lean on.

Work relationships are professional but they also need a bit of a personal touch. My team members know that I am open to listening to their challenges. It is important that they know I function effectively as a confidant and source of comfort.

When someone experiences a painful situation, I am the first to offer a helping hand. I put myself in their shoes so I can better understand their challenges.

My kids feel comfortable talking to me about anything. I encourage them to be open with me because I am here to help them. Even when I disapprove of their actions, I put it to them in a firm yet understanding way.

I stay connected to my emotions. They help me to maintain an open heart and a kind spirit.

Today, I am committed to being my brother’s keeper. My ability to show compassion helps me to be a better friend and leader. Maintaining that mindset helps ensure that my relationships are meaningful and effective.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How am I able to balance being empathetic with teaching a firm lesson?
2. How do I respond when others abuse my approachable nature and try to take me for granted?
3. In which situations is it best if I avoid showing too much empathy?