My exercise routine helps me achieve new levels of wellbeing.

My exercise routine is part of my overall strategy to stay healthy. The combination of exercises in my daily schedule is a productive workout that works well for me and allows me to be consistent.

My fitness goals are realistic. My exercise habits fit my lifestyle and I can work out during the best time of the day for me. My plan coordinates nicely with my life, work, and family obligations.

My exercise routine is balanced for both my body and mind.

I am happy with the exercise combinations I use. My flexibility and agility are better than ever. I reduce stress and recharge in my exercise sessions.

My health gets stronger with each workout. I keep track of my progress and note the changes in my body. I am inspired by these positive changes. They motivate me to exercise when I would prefer to be doing something else instead.

I am patient with my body and know how far I can push it without hurting myself.

I am flexible with my routine but still work out consistently. I am proud of my accomplishments while I exercise. My confidence grows each time I work out.

Today, I recognize the power of my exercise routine. I am strong of mind and body and I owe it all to my exercise regimen.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I incorporate new ideas into my exercise routine to avoid boredom?
2. How can I involve my family and children in my exercise routine?
3. How can I encourage my friends to join me while I exercise?