My faith creates my reality.

Faith is the belief in something for which there is no evidence. I rely on faith to create my reality. I am free from limiting beliefs that ultimately limit my circumstances. I am able to believe in that which I cannot yet see. My faith creates my future.

I believe that holding a thought with great consistency and enthusiasm can cause that thought to manifest itself. I can literally create my reality with my thoughts and beliefs.

Faith provides me with the ability to hold more amazing thoughts than I could otherwise.

When challenging times are upon me, I return to my faith in the universe, a higher power, and myself to see me through. My faith allows me to act with confidence during these times.

I know that action is the final step in creating my reality. Faith and belief are the foundation that makes action possible.

Faith is the first step to reaching bigger goals and creating a spectacular life. In the absence of faith, further action is unlikely. With faith, it is easy to move forward with enthusiasm and high expectations.

My future begins today with my faith, beliefs, and thoughts. I tend to these things like a shepherd tending his flock. I give them great attention and care.

Today, I am taking responsibility for my future by focusing on my faith. I believe I can achieve great things and enjoy an exciting life. I use my faith as a tool to direct the future.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How has doubt affected my life circumstances?
2. How can I increase my faith in my desired future and myself?
3. What lifestyle would I like to enjoy 10 years from now?