My financial future is bright.

I am destined to be financially stable and the thought of that brings me immense excitement. Knowing that at some point in the future I can achieve financial wellness gives me the drive to work towards it.

I have the intelligence needed to build a solid path to a bright financial future.

I spend a lot of time understanding the best financial decisions to make and the best ways to allow my money to grow. I rely on the advice of experts in money management to help guide my direction.

Some of my choices may not bring immediate returns, but I am okay with that because good things come to those who exercise patience.

I am patient with the journey to financial wellness because I know the rewards always feel sweeter when I push myself harder to achieve them.

My commitment to saving is solid. I treasure the success I reap with my finances because of the effort I put into achieving it. I know it is much easier to lose money than make it, so I am mature and sensible with my spending decisions.

Today, I look forward with excitement to a sunny and bright financial future. I feel it is my reward because I take the correct route to achieve it. I commit to working hard to reap financial success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I avoid making impulse purchases of things I desire so as to not get into the habit of overspending?
2. What plans do I have in place to maintain financial wellness?
3. How can I teach others to achieve financial success?