My hand is always outstretched to help those in need.

I have a spirit of camaraderie. I am willing to be a support system for anyone who needs it. My hand is always outstretched to help those in need.

Each life is just as important as mine. I empathize with others when I see their lives in shambles. I take the time to comfort them, even without them asking.

My door is open when anyone knocks. When my co-workers are having a hard time coping with their responsibilities, I encourage them. I help them see their worth, and their self-confidence grows.

Sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear. I actively listen without passing judgment. I know it is more important to just be there than to give unsolicited advice.

My desire to give love comes from my disregard for suffering. It pains my heart to see someone in distress, so I do what I can to ease the pain.

Injustice upsets me greatly. I commit to achieving equality in all my circles of influence. I focus on widening that circle of influence each day. It allows me to support a wider cross-section of people.

Today, I believe that extending a helping hand to someone else is my calling. Although I have other responsibilities, I am committed to being an advocate for others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I help people in my community who need physical, emotional, or financial assistance?
2. Why do I still feel inclined to help others, even when they fail to show appreciation?
3. Do I ever get tired of helping others? Why or why not?