My heart is big.

I express compassion for myself and others. I know that each of us wants to be happy. I reach out when I see someone going through a difficult time. I make space for others in my heart and thoughts.

I care about others. I am sensitive to their needs.

As I cultivate my connection with family and friends, my relationships run more smoothly. I also extend my concern beyond my immediate circle. I cherish strangers, and even the co-workers who sometimes annoy me.

I practice patience. I tolerate discomfort without becoming upset. I forgive those who may have spoken to me harshly or cut me off in traffic.

I am generous with my time, money, and friendship. I take pleasure in giving without any expectation of returns.

My heart grows larger the more I listen to others. I become aware of their needs and struggles. I put myself in their place and try to imagine their experiences. I want to help them, and I search for ways to ease their stress.

My heart guides my words and actions, making the world a better place.

When I speak from my heart, I am loving and genuine. When I act from my heart, the smallest gesture becomes powerful. I can brighten someone’s day by sending them a funny note or remembering to call them on their birthday.

Today, I pour my heart into my daily activities. I devote myself to creating more happiness in the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does having a big heart mean to me?
2. Why is it important for me to have a big heart?
3. What are 3 movies that inspire me to be more caring?