My income is increasing. 

I am a valuable employee who works hard each day to earn an income. My work is marked by integrity and passion. I work above and beyond what is expected of me in order to prove my worth.

My income is increasing because it is my time to eat the fruit of the seeds I have planted through the years. My income is increasing because I have learned to be faithful right where I am.

My work ethic is a blessing to my employer. My hard work causes growth in the business. As a result, my income is increasing. I attract success into my life by working diligently and selflessly.

I look for ways to increase my income beyond work. I am free from pride when it comes to doing whatever I need to do to provide for my loved ones. My heart is free from greed. I desire to increase my income in order to better serve my family and help those in need.

I use my talents and creativity to draw more income. I am willing to take risks and push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to tap into new sources of income.

My mind is at peace about my financial situation because I am a blessed individual, regardless of how much money I make. My life is full of things worth more than money could ever buy.

Today, I choose to work hard in order to prove myself worthy of a raise. I work diligently and cheerfully so I can attract great success into my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What seeds have I been planting at work?
2. Am I worthy of a pay increase?
3. Do I have a good attitude about my work?