My investments are flourishing.

In the midst of a financial future that is shaky for many, my investments are flourishing. I am blessed beyond my comprehension. I use wisdom when making financial decisions. My investment choices are based on factual research instead of emotional whims.

Before I make an investment, I research the published facts as well as the truths that can only be uncovered through personal research.

I refrain from blindly trusting offers that seem too good to be true. I ask people whom I trust about their experiences so I may learn from their advice.

I am patient with my investments. I have the necessary courage to hold on to an investment and ride the wave. Timing is an art for me. I know when to buy and when to sell. Giving an investment time to mature, rather than trying to get rich quickly, is the right way to go.

My investments are thriving because they are varied. I spread my money throughout several types of investments to secure my treasure. Even if one investment sinks, there are others that rise to give me great profit.

Another reason I experience a boost in my finances is because I am faithful to give to others. When I give to others, I get more in return. I reject greed and embrace generosity. Sharing my wealth makes me rich.

Today, I choose to take the necessary risk with the appropriate caution to make my investments flourish. I use wisdom and patience so I may successfully take care of my family’s finances.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my investments varied?
2. Do I have the patience necessary to give my investments time to grow?
3. How can I give to others?