My life is free from chaos and turmoil.

It is a wonderful feeling to live a life filled with peace. Experiencing positive emotions most of the time reminds me to reflect on what a fulfilling life I live. My life is free from the negative distractions of chaos and turmoil.
I feel sweet serenity, knowing that I was once burdened with considerable stress and strife, but rose above my situation. I see now that I am able to banish agitation and trouble as I allow a gentle quiet to surround me.
My actions ensure that my existence is peaceful and without major upset or upheaval. I make it a point to screen out unwanted drama. I avoid spending time with those who introduce havoc and chaos into my life.
I also banish negativity from my life by ignoring comments that encourage negative thoughts. I surround myself with positive people who are respectful and who live lives of quiet integrity. I seek out and employ any and all strategies to ward off negative influences.
Regardless of the challenges that I may encounter, I let go of stress, frustration, and negative emotions. I devote my efforts to remaining free from strife.
Today, I vow to live a life of peace and serenity. I intend to focus on applying strategies that keep my life as free from chaos and turmoil as possible.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Is my life free from chaos and turmoil?
2. If not, who or what introduces these negative elements into my life?
3. What can I do to bring more peace into my life?