My mood heightens with every rising of the sun.

Each morning, I anxiously anticipate the rising of the sun. It confirms for me that a new day has dawned and I have yet another opportunity to start anew.
The new day proves to me that out of every dark moment comes the chance to make things brighter and better.
When I see the sun peep out from behind the clouds, I think of all the ways I can make a positive impact on the world today. I get excited about all the possibilities that could present themselves to me. It reassures me that I have a key part to play in one way or another.
The shining of the sun gives me new life. It gives me the energy to pursue goals and achieve them. I feel like I can do anything when the sun shines. The sky is the limit.
My successes feel even more special and memorable on a bright, sunny day.
Today, I plan to work in unison with the sun. I intend to use its natural energy to strengthen my resolve and energize me to achieve greatness. Like the sun, I can be a beacon of light to all who need me, rising up to the challenge each day.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How can I capitalize on the opportunity of a new day to achieve something great?
2. What is one thing in my life that could use a fresh start as the sun rises tomorrow?
3. How can I allow the sun to rejuvenate me?