My motives are clearly stated.

I am honest and direct with everyone I meet. I avoid the temptation to keep things from others when they deserve to know. I make myself transparent so they can see where I am coming from.

My motives in every situation are clearly stated. I avoid disguising one desire as something else to gain favor. I am against being deceptive.

At times, I am required to use certain strategies at work to achieve a desired result. I am comfortable with doing that as long as it aligns with my morals. I am sure to let the other party know the desired outcome upfront.

I avoid tricking my kids into doing what they are supposed to do. I state my requirements clearly. I enforce the punishment if my expectations are disregarded.

My integrity takes me successfully through life. When I am honest, others hold me in high regard. Opportunities come my way because I earn the trust of others.

I believe being honest is the best way to maintain a clear conscience.

Today, I know I am obligated to live well with others. I take their feelings seriously. I commit to being honest with them at all times. It is my goal to let them know just what I am about. I know it allows for a better quality of life for all.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when I realize someone is trying to mislead me?
2. Why do I get upset when someone asks me to stretch the truth?
3. Am I willing to sacrifice a good opportunity because of my morals? Why or why not?